The Fire/EMT Memorial Scholarship was recently awarded to two EHOVE Adult Ed students in the amount of $500 each.  The scholarship is in memory of past EHOVE Fire Academy and EMS program students who have given their lives in the line of duty protecting their communities.  

The future of the fire and emergency medical services demands committed, educated, prepared, and dedicated individuals.  The scholarship honors those who possessed those important traits, and those who will.  

A person who prefers to not be recognized provides the funds for this scholarship each year.  The winners for this year are:

  • Julia Rhoad of Norwalk - EMT and Firefighter I student
  • Emajika Burley of Norwalk - Firefighter 1 student

PHOTO (L-R):  EMS Program Coordinator Chris Hafley, EMT and Firefighter I student Julia Rhoad, Firefighter I student Emajika Burley, Trades & Industry Department Coordinator Jamie Starcher.