Students with teacher

EHOVE's Collision & Refinishing program has added a new career skill for its high school students to learn - vinyl wrapping and tinting.  This high-coveted skill is a welcome addition to the program for the incoming students, instructor Duane Koch, and auto body shops.

Koch attended 3M Advanced Installation Training at Geek Wraps University earlier this year to ensure he was on top of his game when teaching his students the latest skills.  "We're excited to be able to provide entry level vinyl wrapping training to our Collision & Refinishing students," he said. "The demand for this skill is very high right now.  Collision shops are in great need of staff who have learned the proper techniques and have real experience." 

The students are taught about the varying vinyls, films and their applications used in professional wrapping of vehicles, but also in smaller items like football helmets, phone cases and electronics.  Coupled with their training in welding, sanding and painting to fix damaged vehicles, the students gaining the skill of vinyl wrapping adds another competency to their arsenal that can lead to a lucrative career.

For more information about EHOVE program's web page, search EHOVE Collision & Refinishing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or call 419-499-4663.