food cases and furniture

It was time for an update in the break room located in EHOVE's Adult Education wing.  A self-serve micro market has replaced a line up of vending machines. Firelands Vending installed the new system from Company Kitchen at no cost to the district.

Adult Education students and all staff can select from a wide variety of packaged sandwiches, frozen meals, salads, snacks, candy, desserts and drinks. Purchasers can pay with a self-serve kiosk with a card, cash or Apple/Google Pay. Those who create an account through the Company Kitchen app can also pre-load funds into their account and access coupons/deals to save on future purchases. 

The new setup provides an option to stay on campus if transportation to an area vendor isn't available or when roads are bad due to inclement weather.  Updated furniture and a larger refrigerator to hold packed lunches were also added.  The area is not open to high school students.